I am a mother and a photographer. 

I grew up in Massachusetts with my Mom, and her very enormous and wonderful family. Family and the bonds we sow, are very important to me. 

In high school, I started taking shooting with my father's vintage Nikons. I then attended  New England School of Photography in Boston, where we began with 4x5 large format cameras. This brought out my passion for film and grain. (Digital cameras weren't around yet.) 

 We were taught the zone system. I feel in love with light and the darkroom. And I learned Photoshop  - the tool I now use to paint with light. 

After graduation,  Africa called to me, so I flew there and photographed the beautiful people of Uganda. My mother works for a  project there. She has now for 35 years. I had a solo gallery show for those photos in Cambridge. 

Next I assisted commercial photographers for a few years. Unfulfilled by that  I headed to the west coast.

My dream of living in California turned into having a baby in Humboldt County. It was an amazing water birth with very wise midwives. A life-changing event in so many ways.  

These days my home in Portland, Oregon. Here I use honest fine art photography and writing to celebrate women transforming through mature pregnancy and birth. 

I love being behind the camera. I love appreciating people as art and brining them a vessel to find their own beauty.  This gift I hope becomes a timeless piece of warrior to carry with them for a lifetime. 

Portraiture is so fun for me, because the idea of capturing people as themselves is quite a challenge. It is essential to create a interaction that puts people at ease. This ease allows a certain flow and can produce truly lovely shots.